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good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. it is 7:00 out here on the east coast, thank you for starting your morning with us. we are coming to you live, again, this morning from bausen with the latest on the bombing investigation. the fbi has finished searching a nearby landfill. looking for a laptop supposedly
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used by dzhokhar tsarnaev. from russia, the fbi has gotten new information on the suspect's mother. phil black is live in moscow this morning. hello, phil, what are we learning? >> poppy, good morning. we have been told that russian authorities intercepted a communication between the bombing suspect's mother and one of the bombing suspects and we are told this not by russian authorities but a u.s. official who showed them to be discussing jihad. this was intercepted back in 2011 but only made available to the fbi in the last few days. the context here. we know back in 2011, russian authorities asked the fbi to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother because of concerns of radical. they didn't find any information to suggest they were a threat. they went back to ask more
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questions and they say they didn't hear anything back. we know this interceptor communication was recorded at roughly that same time frame. it does, at the very least, raise an interesting question. that is, had the fbi known about this intercept at the time, could it have altered the way that investigation was handled and could it have altered its ultimate outcome? poppy? >> phil, are we getting any indication why it took until three days ago for russia to turn over this information or even tell u.s. authorities about this wiretap. they waited days even after the suspects were apprehended. do we know why? >> no, we don't know why. in fact, russian authorities have generally been very tight lipped on precisely what they knew back in 2011. why they were concerned about tamerlan tsarnaev and why he showed up on their radar and why they thought he was potentially
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a threat. they asked the fbi to help. we have been asking all the authorities, the government, the internal police here and the only response so far has been silent. the russian president vladimir putin in his only public statement on this point said it was to his regret that russian authorities were not able to provide any information that was operational significance. but since the bombing. both the russian and u.s. governments are keen to stress that they are working very closely together. to what extent that cooperation was taking place back around that 2011 period when people were first concerned. poppy? >> phil black live for us in moscow, thank you. we're also getting a response from the obama administration on the controversial decision on whether to read tsarnaev his miranda rights. right outside the prison hospital where the suspect is
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being held. pamela, good morning. what did the administration have to say? >> my colleague brianna keilar spoke at the white house correspondents' dinner and he commented whether miranda rights were administered too soon to the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> can you comment on whether the suspect being murandized and whether that was appropriate? >> one that the magistrate made and that was totally consistent with the laws that we have. we have a two-day period that we can question him and i think everything was done appropriately and we got good leads. >> so, by law, the public safety exception may only happen within 48 hours and then the initial appearance has to happen without unnecessary delay, that's according to the justice
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department official. the judge was essentially just following the rules in this case. however, we have been hearing from mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee who was criticizing the timing of the initial appearance. you have to remember, he has representation now, his attorney may be advising him not to communicate with authorities now. poppy? >> and, pamela, we're also learning more information about the arrest of two of tsarnaev's friends. what do we know on that front? >> well, here's what we know. these are two students from kazakhst kazakhstan. spoke to law enforcement official that was involved with this investigation and at this point we're told that these students, there's no evidence to point to the fact that they were in any way involved with the plot, with the attack on april
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15th. however, they're being held on administrative visa issues for violating their student visa. now, authorities are using this as an opportunity to essentially buy time and to speak to these students. to ask them questions about dzhokhar tsarnaev. to get a clearer picture why he was allegedly involved with the attack and what they knew about him and perhaps if they aided him in any way. but at this point, no charges have been filed and there is no evidence to point to the fact that they were involved with the attack. poppy? >> pamela, thank you. a new arrest has been made in the case of those ricin laced letters made to a senate republican and to a mississippi judge. james everett dutschke is charged with use of a biological agent as a weapon. prosecutors dropped charges against another man. dutschke expected in federal
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court in mississippi tomorrow. washington took a break from the heavy news last night and kicked back for a couple of laughs or a lot of laughs. the white house annual correspondents' dinner and conan o'brien was front and center. >> as you all know, the president is hard at work skraetiskrae creating jobs. as you know, since he was elected the number of popes have doubled. and the number of "tonight show" hosts has tripled. congratulations! >> we are live this morning in boston, a place that is near and dear to both president obama and conan o'brien's heart. both of them went to harvard. conan's hilarious speech at the correspondents' dinner. we'll have that next. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads
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welcome back to our continuing live coverage from boston. we're glad you're with us this sunday morning. we are here in the memorial that is growing by the hour on boylston street.
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something that stood out to me. this beautiful painted sign. all they can ever do is just show how good the people are. steven colbert one of the messages of strength and inspiration and show that this city will, indeed, not forget but will move on. we'll be right back. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. or lasts longer. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪
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our continuing live coverage from boston this morning as the sun comes up on this beautiful city. boston strong a message resonating here since the attacks and it continues to.
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on to lighter news, the white house correspondents' dinner where president obama is usually the headliner, but not at the so-called nerd prom. that's when you call team coco. last night conan o'brien closed out the dinner where hollywood meets washington for a night of laughs. but it was conan's, the question was conan's routine as funny as the others we've seen recently. here are some highlights. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's get going. right here at the start, i'll share something with you people and this doesn't leave this room. i say this with absolute confidence because we're on c-span. who doesn't love c-span? seriously. an entire channel shot with the backup camera on a ford explorer. congratulations to c-span to win the bid to broadcast this event. they narrowly beat out and the
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hilton hotel how to check out channel. that's right. the hilton. it's great to be here at the hilton. is it just me or time to stop using priceline to book this event. no, i love the hilton. i love the hilton's motto, sorry, the radisson was booked. you know, i was worried because of the sequester we would be forced to hold this event at a less prestigious, then i was told that's not possible. i want to thank the hilton for accommodating us. they were kind enough to reschedule a cash for gold seminar. by the way, for those of you here for the cash for gold seminar, that's been moved to salon b and if joe biden asks, there are no extra tickets for that either. quick announcement before we really get going, before we
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continue. if any of you are live tweeting this event, please use hash tag, incapable of living in the moment. yeah. also to any u.s. senators here tonight, if you'd like to switch your dessert or your position on gay marriage, please, signal a waiter. by the way, speaking of dinner. tonight's entrees -- there's a gavel here and i don't know why. here's a fun fact about tonight's food. everything you ate this evening was personally thought by wain lapierre. don't worry, it was during a home invasion, though.
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the fish came in through the window. it wasn't peppercorn, that was buck shot. you may not know this but wayne lapierre is the executive vice president of the nra. which begs the question, how crazy do you have to be to be the actual president of the nra? he's not even at the top. also, i'd like to acknowledge that earlier this evening there was some confusion with the seating charts. for a moment, someone accidentally sat governor chris christie with the republicans. that was awkward and i apologize. very awkward. but speaking of tables, before dinner i had a chance to mingle. i sold my twitter account to al jazeera for $500 million. they'll buy anything.
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but it is an absolute joy to be here at the white house correspondents' dinner. last year tom brokaw criticized this event for having too many superstars and a-list celebrities. when i told tom i was attending this year, he said, that's more like it. that shouldn't be funny to you. but this is really a star-studded event. this year you've taken it to new heights. i have to congratulate you. new heights. you have some of the guys from duck dynasty here. yeah. the guys from duck dynasty are here which only means one thing, the guys from storage wars said no. no, don't get me wrong, but, guys, i don't really think -- it works! incredible. i always hated that one. hey, now some of you know this is my second time speaking at this event.
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last year, 18 years ago back in 1995. a lot has changed since then. today you can get real-time information on world events from something small enough to fit in the palm of your hands. back in '95, we called that george stephanopoulos. i can't see if george is here because there is a crouton in the way. it's amazing to think how much our country has changed in 18 years. think about it. if in 1995 you told me that in 2013 we would have an african-american president with a middle name hussein who was just re-elected to a second term in a sluggish economy, i would have said, oh, he must have run against mitt romney. by the way, no offense, mr. president. i do congratulate you on your victory, but as a late-night
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comedian. i was kind pulling for the rich guy whose horse danced in the olympics. the demographics of this country have been rapidly changing over the last two decades and i look forward to hosting this event 18 years from now. then my opening line will be -- but my prior experience has taught me how these dinners work. if the president laughs, everyone laughs. and if the fox news table laughs, a little girl just fell off her bike. how you doing, bill?
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yes, all the washington news media here tonight, including the stars of online journalism. i see "the huffington post" has a table. if you're here, who is covering miley cyrus? who is assembling today's top 25-yogurt related tweets. seven mistakes you're making with bacon. that is a real one, and you should be ashamed of yourself. by the way, before dinner i tried to say a quick hello to arianna huffington. she made me watch a 30-second ad now. he's now at that very nice stage where there are no more secrets left to come out about him. as a child he lived in indonesia, studied at a muslim cemetery and occasionally ate dog. so, clearly, from the beginning, he was a kid who had his eye set on the u.s. presidency.
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check, check and check. here i come. now, i know the relationship between the president and the press can seem a bit strained at time. some in this room accused the president of being distant. when i asked the president about it earlier he said, oh, and then walked away. of course, it's only natural, but, mr. president, your re-election was less exciting in 2008. on election night in 2008, you celebrated with hundreds of thousands of people in chicago's grant park. it was fascinating. this time around you split a dog with david axelrod, just didn't have the same buzz. by the way, i have a question and i think some of you also have this question, it's been several months since you were re-elected, sir. so, i'm curious, why are you still sending everyone five e-mails a day asking for more money. you won! do you have a gambling problem
4:23 am
we don't know about? did you put it all on gonzaga? you did, didn't you? he did. president obama has already made a lot of changes in his second term. sir, you recently appointed john kerry and chuck hagel. very smart move. you will point to the only two people in the united states who look even more tired than you. it's a great strategy. mr. president, you're going to leave office as a young man and, yet, the presidency has take aen its toll. i don't want to alarm you, sir, but you're starting to look like a judge on "law & order." seriously, mr. president, your hair is so white, it could be a member of your cabinet. he can handle it. speaking of the cabinet, the president recently picked his new treasury secretary.
4:24 am
gives me great to say it's not l him, it's me. the president is the coolest guy in the room. that's what everybody says. he's the coolest guy in the room. here is my question, who else is in that room? not hard to be the cool one when the other guys in the room are biden, hagel and kerry. i would be cool, too, showing how to do the harlem shake. now i made some jokes about the president this evening and i'm looking forward to my audit. it's coming. i know, sir. it's coming. but i would like to take a moment here and change gears and say something to the president regarding the events of the past few weeks. some of you may not know this, i grew up in boston.
4:25 am
my parents still live there and my brother, luke, raised his family in watertown. i would like t take this opportunity to thank you, mr. president, for visiting that great city and helping its people begin to heal with your inspiring words that made a huge difference. it's been said recently that you don't mess with boston. as someone who grew up there, i would like to echo that sentiment. it's really simple, if you pick on a city, don't choose one where nine out of ten people are related to a cop. don't do it. it's stupid. and that includes myself. i have one more thing to mention before i go. everyone's obsessed with washington these days. you all saw how you went crazy for "house of cards" "homeland" and hollywood can't get enough of your world. well, tonight, i'm excited to
4:26 am
announce that turner broadcasting is going to make a major television mini series about the big power players here in washington. they just finished the casting and i would like to announce who is going to play who. vice president joe biden is going to be played by bob barker. former white house adviser, david axelrod will be played by higm from magnum pi. representative paul ryan will be played by mr. bean. senator chuck schumer will be played by grandpa munster.
4:27 am
senator harry reid will be played by the old man from the american gothic painting. fox news aoger will be played by, speaker of the house john boehner will be played by tan mom. janet napolitano will be played by paul. former white house chief of staff and chicago mayor rahm emanuel will be play ed by "family guy." secretary of state john kerry will be played by an easter
4:28 am
island head. i cannot tell those two apart. chief justice john roberts will be played by buzz lightyear. senator mitch mcconnell will be played by dame edna. cnn anchor wolf blitzer will be played by a furby. wayne lapierre will be played by raiders of the lost ark. jay carney will be played by ralphy from "a christmas story." ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge honor. thank you very much. >> one of the best, conan o'brien. i will see you back here at the
4:29 am
top of the hour at 8:00 eastern. "dr. sanjay gupta md" will be baon after a short break. i will tell you, i was walking around here yesterday afternoon and it was filled with people out to eat at restaurants to enjoy this great city and show their support that boston is, indeed, strong. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena.® has the best pickup coverage in america, with a new 2-year, 24,000-mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a 5-year, 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. we've got you covered eight ways to sunday.
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come to think of it, sunday, too. right now chevy truck owners can trade up to a silverado all-star edition and get a total value of $8,500. the dependable, reliable, chevy silverado. thanks for joining us. i want to bexwgin with the late from the boston bombings. he was moved out of the hospital and to a jail facility. we don't want to forget the people hurt that day. at least a dozen of the victims had limbs amputated and we want to get a sense of what their new normal is going to be like. i paid a visit to one of the best facilities in the country. the kessler institute for rehabilitation. it takes time. six-weeks post-surgery for a new amputee to take this first step. one of the most important things

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